Auction Tips


Selecting an auctioneer is the most important part of assuring an auction will be successful. By choosing an auctioneer who displays the NAA Emblem, the seller can be sure of a professional who is dedicated to improving his or her ability -and the profession-through education, integrity and honesty. Keep these traits in mind when choosing an auctioneer:

Motivation and Initiation – to approach the job with energy and enthusiasm. This will be transmitted to buyers, increasing the seller’s profit.
Empathy and involvement – to put themselves in the position of the seller and to evaluate the problems that may arise.
Integrity and Honesty – to earn the trust of both the seller and the buyer.
Adaptability – to respond to the varied needs of sellers and situations.
Flexibility – to be open to new ideas and techniques.
Knowledge – to properly market and sell the product being auctioned.

Selecting the right auctioneer will lead to the success of the auction. To be sure of a quality minded auctioneer, look for the NAA Emblem – behind it you will find a leader in the auction profession.


  1. Come early to view the merchandise
  2. Have driver’s license ready
  3. Register with the clerk to receive a number (This is your bidding number)
  4. Look carefully for those hidden treasures
  5. Determine what you would like to pay for an item
  6. Raise your bidding number up high when you want to bid.
  7. If you are not sure where the bid is at, ASK!
  8. You may settle your bill any time during the auction.
  9. Pay for item before leaving the auction premises
  10. HAVE FUN!


Traditional sale bills and newspaper ads are the most popular ways to advertise. However, now in this technological age, the internet has become an important part of advertising. At www.a-nacutions.com we will contain all information about your auction including pictures. We also advertise with specialized mailing lists, and informational signs. Regardless of the size of your auction, the correct amount of advertising is essential to make your auction a success.


Bidder’s Choice: A method of sale that gives the high bidder the right to choose a parcel or parcels from a grouping of similar properties. After selection, the parcel is deleted from the group, and subsequent rounds of bidding take place. Parcels selected by each round’s high bidder are deleted from subsequent rounds.

Choice: The privilege extended to the successful bidder to select for a price he or she bids one or more of the identical or similar items from the group of such items that has been presented at the auction.

Condition’s of sale: The legal terms that govern the conduct of the sale, including acceptable methods of payment, terms, buyer’s premiums, delivery, storage, reserves, etc. Usually included in the published advertisements and announced by the auctioneer prior to the start of the auction.