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Ahrens & Niemeier Auction Service, LLC was founded on this basic principle: “If you treat customers fairly, with professional, courteous service, they will continue to patronize your business.” This principle holds true for Ahrens & Niemeier Auction Service, LLC still today!

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2019 Fall Consignment Auction

2019 Fall Consignment Auction FOR AHRENS & NIEMEIER ANNUAL FALL CONSIGNMENT AUCTION Saturday, November 30th, 2019 ~ 8:30 am Hamel, IL Wanted:  Tractors - Antique Tractors - Construction Equipment Combines - Planters - Discs - Disc/Chisels - Tillage Equipment Field Cultivators - Blades - Mowers - Tools - Lawn Mowers -Vehicles Accepted (Sold Absolute Only) - Shop Equip. - Etc. Complete Lines Accepted - Trucking Available Accepting Consignments Until November 27th, 2019 Call Now To Consign Your Items & Have Them Advertised FREE!! Advertising Deadline: November 22nd, 2019 Last Year’s Auction Was A GREAT SUCCESS!!  Call TODAY To Consign Your Items For [...]

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