Ahrens Auction  LLC offers 90 plus years of combined experience to both the buyer and seller in the auction industry. Dennis Ahrens, Auctioneer founded Ahrens Auction LLC.

Dennis, formerly of Ahrens Auction Service, began working with his father, the late Ed Ahrens, in the family-owned business after attending the Missouri Auction School in 1972.

His father, Ed, was the original founder of the Ahrens Auction Service. Ed founded his business on the basic principle, “if you treat customers fairly, with professional, courteous service, they will continue to patronize your business”. These principles hold true for Ahrens Auction LLC today.

Since the inception of the new company, Dennis has enjoyed much success in the Auction business. His motivation, experience, and knowledgeable staff is ready to make your auction another success. He can market your assets to obtain top dollar with fully computerized marketing tools and strategies such as their website, mailing list, professional-quality sale brochures, and signage as well as traditional newspaper and radio advertising. He will research a d target the best possible means to market your auction.

Give Dennis a call today at (618) 779-1883 or (618) 459-3445 for a free, confidential consultation and put the Ahrens Auction Advantage to work for you!